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"Please pass our compliments to the film’s director, Bernardo Villela.  “Suffer the Little Children” represents a personal vision and commitment to a project that defines what independent filmmaking is all about."

~ James Hall, Festival Director - Golden Lion Film Festival

"One of the most delicious frights of Shriekfest took place halfway through Bernardo Villela's adaptation of Stephen King's "Suffer the Little Children."

One can only imagine the edge of madness crossed over as a lonely, aging teacher begins to discover that her pupils are being replaced by cruel, horrifying shapeshifting monsters.

Angela Pietropinto as Miss Sidley expresses that growing dread, questioning her own sanity until she can doubt no longer, finding herself transformed from a figure of authority to an object of scorn under the merciless stares of her students.

Villela's well-cast and well-paced little creepshow does a fine job of telling the tale.

~ Dark

"I finished watching your short movie and I must say that the first thing that I thought was "PROFESSIONAL". The movie is EXCELLENT!"

"The final scene is a LOT BETTER than many of the horror movies made with millons and millons of dollars. I have no doubt that this dollar baby will be the one that watchers would like the most during the festival and I'M POSITIVE THAT IT WILL WIN A LOT MORE AWARDS!!"

~ Ariel Bosi, Festival Organizer

"Suffer the Little Children", made by Bernardo Villela and produced by Mark Miller. A horror story with an excellent adaptation, great performances, fx and music/sound. A really professional work here!"

~ Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Mar Del Plata Argentina

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