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Bob Bowersox


Bob Bowersox is a Renaissance Man: actor, voiceover artist, screenwriter, playwright, novelist, poet, singer, songwriter, national television network personality. When it comes to creative endeavors – especially those in the entertainment fields – Bob has immersed himself in the crafts he loves, and success has found him in each of them. 

Bob has been in ten films to date, ranging from blockbusters to quirky independents. He can be seen in Jonathan Demme’s Philadelphia and Griffin Dunne’s Addicted to Love. He’s been featured in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, and in Andrew Davis’ A Perfect Murder. His most-recent films have included lead roles in Michele Loschiavo's My Own Confession, Mike Stanley's Behind Bars, and Touched, the multi-award-winning debut film from director Mike Lemon and Academy-Award-winning producer Tammy Tiehel-Stedman. And Bob has just wrapped his 11th feature film, handling the starring role in the psychological thriller, Frayed, due for release next year.

Bob’s talents have also brought him success on the small screen. He’s enjoyed the recurring role of profligate music producer Sam Gideon in the off-beat soap opera, The Edge. And his role of con-man preacher Art Thou in the sitcom Church of the New Millennium was, Bob says, “some of the most fun I’ve ever had on a stage or set.”

Hosting television programs is another area where Bob has built a solid reputation. His early stints as the host of the entertainment news magazine Fine Time Video Magazine, and the ground-breaking Live at the Comedy Cabaret were only warmups to the immense success Bob has found as a Program Host for always-live electronic retailing giant QVC. For 18 years, Bob has been seen in over 85 million homes, where he has sold more than one billion dollars worth of merchandise, from jewelry to electronics, cooking tools to computers. His In The Kitchen with Bob program is arguably the most popular show on the network, and his popularity and high ratings have propelled three books onto the best-seller lists.  

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