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Chris Lutkin


Starting with his membership at Ensemble Studio Theater (one of New York's premier developmental centers for actors, writers and directors) in 1977 to his recent film performance in "Dead Canaries" starring Charles Durning and Dan Loria, Chris has been in and around the business of acting for over 20 years. In between, he was seen in the movie "Hair," directed by Jerry Zaks in a play called "Buddy-Pals" and worked with Horton Foote on his play "Lily Dale" playing Horace. He appeared as a guest star on Law and Order, in over 300 performances as Lionel in the long running Off-Broadway show "Perfect Crime," and on the main stage at Ensemble Studio Theater, Chris was seen in "Degas, C'est Moi" by David Ives," and "Marmalade Skies" directed by Thomas Babe, among many others. He has been on camera in over 30 commercials, countless industrial films, print ads and voiceovers. 

At the moment, Chris is working on a project called, "A Couple of Swells; A Relationship Play About Two Clowns." A collaboration with his wife, Heather Smith Lutkin (Whose film "Unscrewed" was recently screened at The Quad Theater in New York City to a very enthusiastic response. It is written by and stars Heather and Chris as "Ned & Noodle", two suburban party clowns who find that life choices are sometimes no laughing matter. Directed by Chris, it has been performed at Ensemble Studio Theater to great acclaim and is now being adapted to the screen. 

At The Stonestreet Film and Production Workshop, Chris teaches third and fourth year theater students the technique and practicalities of acting for camera. As part of Chris's program at Stonestreet Studios, he has moved into Short Film Production. His directed works include "The Actresses", a short film loosely based on the George Cukor 1939 movie, "The Woman," along with micro-shorts entitled "The Park" and "The Elevator," among others.

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